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Real Life Which Populations Are Not Suitable For Use With Cervical Massager

Longshun Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 28, 2016

First is fasting or drinking of people does not for using massage device, if long-term of drinking on will on himself of body health caused huge of negative effect, will serious of damage himself of liver, will serious of damage himself of body health, they does not for using massage device, especially is rich stimulus sense and strong sense of massage device are not for himself to using, because such will further of speed up blood of cycle, will great of improve blood of flow, to reached negative effect, also has is fasting personnel also don't using If you on an empty stomach, drink or after strenuous exercise to use such devices, would have severe nausea, palpitation, shortness of breath or vomiting, not up to good effect, so in reality is to pay attention to some problems in a timely manner.
If you suffer from acne, cancer will not use such equipment must be physical health can only be used if they are suffering from acne, tumors would seriously make the expansion of capillaries, can greatly aggravate your illness, can effectively increase your body harm.
There is if you have had surgery are not suitable for use with this product, if I had done before the operation do not use the product, or you will have a tremendous negative impact.

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