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Massage Business Innovation Needs Changing Idea

Longshun Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 28, 2016

Massage products are closely related to people's lives, in recent years, with the rapid development of China's real estate, Massager on the market also goes up. At this stage, however, related to lack of normative systems and inadequate leading to massage market chaos.
At this stage, is not only the increase of residents ' health consciousness, no related specification issued, leading to massage market chaos, although the introduction of measures to increase domestic demand eased the partial pressure caused by the financial crisis, Massager domestic sales rise significantly. Not only is the lack of standards, our massage industry has some problems. Compared to Western developed countries, ranks of the massage industry in China is still at the low end, the industrial chain is immature. One of the biggest feature is the small and micro enterprises, which allows sufficient competition in the market, homogenization serious phenomenon but is also a serious impediment to the development of the industry. At present can be recognized by consumers as well as well known brands are relatively rare.

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