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Chinese Massage Technique Development Status And Problem Countermeasure

Longshun Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 28, 2016

(1) development environmental type massage device original auxiliary material--established new of and high-density phase adapted of original auxiliary material system, according to different alloy, and massage device features, and production environment, and development different varieties no pollution of quality massage device raw materials; research and promotion using clean nontoxic of original auxiliary material, using nontoxic tasteless of metamorphic agent, and refining agent, and bond agent, go intensive clean production of road, reasonable using resources, using can regeneration material and energy, ensure massage device industry of sustainable development.
(2) enhancing massage new technology, new materials, new equipment research--strengthening the massage industry's basic research and applied research, massage of many metals are common in the industry and the key, and should focus on process development and improvement, at the same time reinforcing material process and the use of computer simulations and other advanced techniques to stabilize the product quality. In fact, too much emphasis on the development of new materials in China while ignoring the General materials technology design and quality research, and production equipment problems that are on here.
(3) focusing on energy and environmental legislation-the massage industry labor conditions, great harm on the environment, such as noise pollution and so on. Policies and regulations should be strengthened on the constraints, environmental protective barriers should also be elevated, backward technology, already heavily polluted massage plant should be closed.

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