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Use the eye Massager considerations

Source: | Updated: Oct 28, 2016

1, could not extruded magnet to prevent falling magnet
2, use during and after recovery should maintain good eye habits, in particular, to correct read and write position, avoid prolonged reading, writing, watching TV, playing computer games and so on, several times daily eye exercises combined with, and better results.
3, when long time when not in use, to be taken out from the inside of the battery;
4, remove eye Massager should pay attention to action;
5, during use, to watch less TV, do not play games;
6, during use, rest, eye care;
7, cannot be used in patients with glaucoma and cataracts;
8, best not to lend to others, avoid cross infection of eye diseases.
9, neodymium magnets and massage buttons are constantly clean, keep it clean:
10, in the custody of, to avoid, to put in a hot, humid place, don't let children touch;
11,after use, turn off the power.

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