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The principle of electric massage

Source: | Updated: Oct 28, 2016

Rolling Massage Chair principle is the use of mechanical force and mechanical force compression to massage. Manual massage to meridians, Qi and blood circulation, maintain the body's balance of yin and Yang, so massage can feel the muscles relaxed and joints flexible, refreshing, reduce fatigue, has an important role to guarantee health. For the normal, manual massage increases the body's natural resistance to, and health effects.
Electric Massage Chair is the traditional manual massage of mechanization. By motor-driven wheel, imitating the massage techniques, massage, beating, kneading massage. Massage pressure weight adjustable seat back angle opened freely, you can body automatic massage, or site-specific massages. In the operation of computer controlled, with just a light touch buttons, you can experience special massage feeling. For working at his desk for a long time or for people who exercise less, electric Massage Chair you can bring the power of life.

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