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Portable medical electronic product advantages

Source: | Updated: Oct 28, 2016

Portable medical electronics will usher in rapid development in recent years. First, the world, especially in China, a large number of distribution of population in remote areas and have no access to health care, need for portable medical equipment health monitoring at home. Second, population ageing has become a trend, and many health-care needs of the elderly by means of portable medical electronics in the home, with the popularization of related products, home health care, remote care will greatly alleviate the burden on the health care system. Third, medical portable medical electronic devices that can greatly facilitate the doctor's diagnosis, enhance the efficiency of the hospital.
This is an untapped market with great growth potential. In portable medical electronics market in the home electronics market reached 65.4% shares of accelerated growth and market momentum, 2008 market growth rate up to 28%. In the market of electronic blood pressure monitors, portable blood glucose meter and electronic hearing aid accounted for more than 90% of sales. It seems that products such as blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters is the main household portable products in China.

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