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manual neck massager

Source: | Updated: Apr 25, 2017

Shiatsu neck Massager is our best neck massager which has a total of 4 massage nodes that deeply kneads your neck and back to alleviate muscle soreness and relax your back. The slim body only measures 6 cm so you can also use it on other parts of your body, other than your neck. It also has a heating function so it gives you a thorough and relaxing massage for your muscle pains and aches.

Our step-up pick is the Bonsai Wellness Shiatsu Kneading Back Massager and it aims to release tension on the neck, legs, arms, waist, feet, shoulders, back and other parts. It comes with an AC power adapter as well as a car charger so you can massage on the go while on the road and it gives you a bi-directional massage movement where you can choose up to 3 speeds so you can experience a realistic massage.

The budget pick is the FitPlus Shiatsu Neck Massager Pillow and it comes with a car strap so you can take with you while driving or riding your vehicle and get total relaxation on the road. The massager has a total of 4 heated kneading nodes for extra comfort and true massaging power while the heating massage helps to circulate blood and promote a healthier body. It is an ideal neck massager that also works as a back massager.


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