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Foot massage industry analysis

Source: | Updated: Oct 28, 2016

Foot Massager massage first through purely physical ways, die imitate cobblestone-like bumps, pebbles, we've all seen, also paved cobblestone walk in the Park, this natural way of massage which is economical and affordable, popular. So some smart manufacturer on the basis of this principle have a mold, make some projections, can have good results.
Foot Massager and the second is through the water impact and heating modes. Cold from foot, feet Chinese ancient times then it does hot water good habits. To has modern social, with technology of development, bubble feet gradually development for a industry, through electric of application, automatically water heating, while through control water of flow impact feet Department points, reached massage of effect, is market Shang common of foot tub, foot tub is divided into single layer and double two species, General luxury some of foot tub are is double basin end of, inside has reset into motor, also set has water cycle of device, both can heating, and can surf, also some can vibration, and so on. Foot massage basin has developed into a big industry. Now this product has the elite foot bath, horse foot bath and so on.
Foot Department massage device third species is vibration massage type of, vibration is can up to relax role is good of a massage way, and human of feet end of has many points, through vibration beat feet end of points, can makes tired of feet Department completely relax, and General manufacturers are in mold Shang joined has some imitation Pebble of raised real, both can relax, and can massage feet end of points, Shu by huoxue, body fitness, this class products also is by welcomes. Representative products are e invigorating blood circulation machine.

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