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Acupuncture Massager manufacturer tells you how to choose massage

Source: | Updated: Oct 28, 2016

In General, should be based on purchase. Such as General beauty care to select portable gentle patting massage, and special medical or sporting uses, you should select the variable intensity of massage is good. Press site select the massage is also quite reasonable. Because some parts do not apply, often through massage can significantly effect, so when you purchase separately according to their special needs to buy back, limbs, face, such as different types of massage, or General massage.
If you frequently carry massage goes out, you should choose lightweight handheld Massager. Massage works made of plastic and metal for the shell. In General, plastic light weight, good insulation properties, but not as durable metal shell. Metal shell of the Massager, if there is no ground, happened to leakage when used, it may lead to electric shock. For security reasons, it is best to choose massage with line earthing device.

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