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Acupuncture massage how to shop

Source: | Updated: Oct 28, 2016

Acupuncture massage device of model specifications many: as for beauty health can purchase lightweight of portable acupuncture massage device; as for medical health or movement health, can purchase strength can adjustable of massage device; for body massage, can purchase sprinkled bath bubble motorcycle device, put it put in bathtub in, from nozzle in the spray out of high-speed air, in water in the formed bubble rushed to human, using bubble flow human for body massage; if to on hands motorcycle, also can purchase water relaxation hands vibration acupuncture massage device, it is using mechanical vibration, Micro-vibration in the water in the basin, to massage effect.
Acupuncture Massager suppliers advise consumers when choosing a massage, first looks, styling elegant appearance. Then start a massage, listen to the noise level, generally speaking, good quality and low noise. Massage with a strong-and weak-switch can open strong-and weak-switch, it is flexible, open the "strong" switch on the massage part, make people feel there are obvious strong vibrations; open "weak" switch, makes people feel a slight mild vibration.

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