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Ab Tronic X2

Source: | Updated: Apr 28, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:XL-S319

Product Description
Ab Tronic X2 is an electronic system designed to support body toning, athletic enhancement and culture, gender sensitive electronic stimulation to contract and relax muscles without effort. Consistency is the key to achieving a youthful appearance, using daily for 30 days to put their hard muscles and reduce actions.

The AbTronic X2 is not an ordinary massager. This advanced unit uses gentle electronic stimulation to contract and release(exercise) your muscles. You will see your own muscles moving. There are NO vibrations or sound from the unit at all.
The AbTronicX2 Dual Channel Fitness Belt uniquely targets front and side (Love Handles)or back muscle groups at the same time for maximum benefits and fastest result.

When you switch the unit on, the LCD display will light up indicating that your AbTronicX2 is working properly. After you have selected either the small or the larger belt, depending on your needs and fit the belt directly onto the area you want to work on, you should switch the unit on.
Choose a program and intensity level as described on the workouts pages.
You will feel a slight tingling sensation. Adjust the intensity of the electrical pulse by pressing the High/Low buttons for each channel separately. The LCD will indicate the chosen intensity level.

1 long belt (for the belly)
1 short belt (for arms and legs)
Case 1
1 Central neoprene pad
1 Operating Instructions
1 Plan for accelerated weight loss

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